We are still in developing

  from inbox import Inbox
  import MySQLdb as mdb
  from smtplib import SMTP
  import requests
  import ConfigParser, os
  import re
  import datetime

  inbox = Inbox()

  def handle(to, sender, subject, body):
      print("Incomming Mail")
      print("From: %s" % sender)
      print("TO: %s" % to)
      print("Subject: %s" % subject)
      config = ConfigParser.RawConfigParser()
      #print(config.get('MYSQL', 'host', "localhost"))
      print("Get Chains")
      if config.get('Mail', 'dump'):
          if not os.path.exists("./mails"):
          if not os.path.exists("./mails/%s" % sender):
              os.makedirs("./mails/%s" % sender)
          d = datetime.datetime.now()
          fp = open("./mails/%s/%s_%s.txt" % (sender, d.strftime("%y_%m_%d_%H_%M_%S"), subject), "w")
      con = mdb.connect(config.get('MYSQL', 'host'), config.get('MYSQL', 'user'), config.get('MYSQL', 'pass'), config.get('MYSQL', 'db'));
      cur = con.cursor()
      cur.execute("SELECT * FROM `mailChain` ORDER BY `mailChain`.`prio` ASC")
      chains = cur.fetchall()
      send = False
      for rule in chains:
          if send == True:
          check = True
          #Check From
          if rule[2] != None and re.match(rule[2], sender) is None:
              check = False
          #Check To
          oneToFails = False
          oneToMatch = False
          for mail in to:
              if rule[3] != None and re.match(rule[3], mail) is None:
                  oneToFails = True
              elif rule[3] != None and re.match(rule[3], mail) is not None:
                  oneToMatch = True
          if rule[4] == True and oneToFails == True:
              check = False
          elif rule[4] == False and oneToMatch == False:
              check = False
          #Check Subject
          if rule[5] != None and re.match(rule[5], subject) is None:
              check = False
          print("Chain %s is %s" % ((rule[0]), (check)))
          if check == True:
              #Send Mail
              send = True
              tosend = True
              asender = re.findall(r'\(Authenticated\ssender\:\s{0,10}([^)]*)\)\n\s*', body)
              if config.get('Mail', 'sendLog'):
                      asender = asender[0]
                      asender = None
                  for t in to:
                      sql = "INSERT INTO `mailLog`(`from`, `to`, `authenticatedSender`, `subject`) VALUES ('%s', '%s', '%s', '%s')" % (sender, t, asender, subject)
              #Do Stuff with Mail
              #Remove Authenticated sender
              if rule[11] == True:
                  body = re.sub(r'\(Authenticated\ssender\:\s[^)]*\)\n\s*', '', body)
              if config.get('Mail', 'addReceived'):
                  start = body.find("Received")
                  receivedmsg = "Received: mailChain ("+config.get('Mail', 'ReceivedName')+") #"+str(rule[0])+"\r\n"
                  body = body[0:start] + receivedmsg + body[start:]
              #Check Authenticated Header
              if config.get('Mail', 'mailAuthenticatedSender'):
                  con = mdb.connect(config.get('MYSQL', 'host'), config.get('MYSQL', 'user'), config.get('MYSQL', 'pass'), config.get('MYSQL', 'db'));
                  cur = con.cursor()
                  cur.execute('SELECT * FROM `mailAuthenticatedSender` WHERE `from` = "%s"' % sender)
                  asenderregex = cur.fetchone()
                  print asenderregex
                  if asenderregex != None and re.match(asenderregex[2], asender) is None:
                      print("Asender FAILED!!!!!")
                      msg = ("From: %s\r\nSubject: Mail Authenticated Sender Fails\r\nTo: %s\r\n\r\n" % (config.get('SendAbuse', 'from'), ", ".join([sender])))
                      msg = msg + "Mail from %s send from Authenticated Sender %s\r\n\r\nMail don't send, please check the Config or Contact your Mail-Server-Admin per E-Mail to %s" % (sender, asender, config.get('SendAbuse', 'from'))
                      #handle(sender, "abuse@byte.gs", "Mail Authenticated Sender Fails", msg)
                      smtp = SMTP()
                      smtp.connect(config.get('SendAbuse', 'server'), config.get('SendAbuse', 'port'))
                      smtp.login(config.get('SendAbuse', 'user'), config.get('SendAbuse', 'pass'))
                      smtp.sendmail(config.get('SendAbuse', 'from'), [sender], msg)
                      tosend = False
              if tosend == True:
                  if rule[6] != None:
                      print("Send SMTP")
                      smtp = SMTP()
                      port = 25
                      if rule[7] != None:
                          port = int(rule[7])
                      smtp.connect(str(rule[6]), int(port))
                      if rule[8] != None and rule[9] != None:
                          smtp.login(rule[8], rule[9])
                      smtp.sendmail(sender, to, body)
                  if rule[10] != None:
                      print("Make HTTP Call")
                      payload = {'to': to, 'sender': sender, 'subject': subject, 'body': body}
                      r = requests.post(rule[10], data=payload)
      #print "Database version : %s " % ver

  # Bind directly.
  inbox.serve(address='', port=4467)
We start early September